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"Bryan offers a soft and relaxing sound . His piano stylization revolves around familiar tunes ---The Beatles , contemporary popular music , and classic lounge favorites . What Bryan does to them is unique---sometimes dreamy , sometimes clear and focused .The blend makes for great background music for our lounge setting. His sound is gentle and his persona is equally mellow and agreeable."

Bob Fenninger
General Manager
The Log Cabin Restaurant

"I've admired Bryan Davis's music for more than 15 years.  He's a mellifluous keyboard artist, a dynamic vocalist and a highly innovative, original composer.  Bry likes to play it easy, but I'll tell you a little secret: He's got a rocker's heart, too.  Get under his spell, and you'll never want to get out.  What a talent!"

-- Tony Marco, Author, Writers' Mentor, Bluesman

"Bryan's music flows like a fresh stream over the cares of the day and enters directly into your spirit. You cannot listen without being refreshed."

-- Norm Fennimore, Drug and Alcohol Counselor

" I have worked with Bryan Davis for the past 7 years , and in those years have greatly enjoyed Bryan's versatility, improvisational skills and spirit in his music making. As a fellow vocalist  , I can attest that Bryan's skills are exquisite ; a few and far between , an inspirational kind -- A true gift from God ."

-- Terah L. Jacobs, Vocalist-recording artist

"Bryan's voice is so warm and rich it pulls you into whatever atmosphere he creates with ease."

-- Kiara Sands,  10 year listener and music lover


Bryan can be scheduled by calling his cell phone at: ( 717) 681-3595, or by writing him by email at: Lifemelody@comcast.net